Brede School

What is a "Brede School?

A "Brede School" (or extended school) is an active network of organisations from different sectors (culture, sport, health, education, youth services) which collaborate with one or more schools.Their aim is to offer children and adolescents a broad scope for development both at school and in their free time.This they do by preparing a broad range of activities in the Dutch language. Both during and after school hours, so as to expand and enrich the learning and living environment of the children.

Each "Brede School" is unique in that its form is determined by its location and the local population.

Brede School Laken

Brede School Laken grew out of the Laken children's consultation. This was a network of schools, sports clubs and other leisure-time institutions in Laken which shared information. They told each other about their work, activities and ideas. The objective was to coordinate the activities offered to children. In 2010 it was decided to go beyond mere consultation and form a Brede (Broad, extended) School.


  • Children must be given every opportunity to develop themselves, no matter what their background. We want both children and their parents to feel at home in their neighbourhood.
  • We want to improve their social skills, develop their talents, stimulate their Dutch and encourage their participation.
  • We want to offer them a place in which to be themselves, in which they can safely discover and unfold their personalities.

A very important part of this is communication with children and their parents. Therefor, we need to contact parents and children in a clear and appropriate manner.

A keyword in all of this is "accessibility", since no child should feel inhibited from participation.

Target group

Our target group for the 2012-2013 school year is all children in the Dutch-language schools in Laken. We also see their parents as belonging to our target group, so that we can support them in bringing up their children. At the same time, they are also our partners as we work together on developmental opportunities for the children.

Marianne Swerts
Co-ordination Brede School Laken
tel 02 421 80 65 -

presentatie Brede School Laken 2012
Brede School Laken
presentatie Brede School Laken 2012
presentatie Brede School Laken 2012