Nekkersdal would like to contribute as a Gemeenschapscentrum to the quality of life of Laken residents. . In order to achieve this, Nekkersdal focuses on the following themes

  • Communication, information and services offered.

  • Cultural participation, animation and culture dissemination

  • Education and Lifelong learning

  • Community building

Nekkersdal would like to offer an open house for gatherings, cultural participation and welfare for families in Laken. To do this we keep our eye on what is happening in the neighbourhood and endeavour to keep residents informed and aware of what is happening.

Nekkersdal wants to come out from behind its walls and supports both local and wider actions and projects. This is all done based on a tolerant and permissive view of our multicultural society.



Nekkersdal is a non-profit organisation, run by volunteers. Here is a list of the different administrative organs and their members.

The Community Forum, alongside the General Assembly, consists of representatives of the associations which are involved in Nekkersdal, co-opted members and representativs of the organising authority. (V.G.C. and the City of Brussels) There are two representatives of each member club or association on the Community Council.

The Management Board is appointed from among the members of the General Assembly and is responsable for the practical administration and policy of Nekkersdal.