About Nekkersdal

Nekkersdal is a community centre in Laeken.

Nekkersdal is one of the 22 Brussels community centres that together make up N22 Brussels.

Activities and courses

Meeting up, development and creativity are central in our open house. Every season, we present a cultural and artistic programme, numerous courses, workshops and longer-term projects for children, young people and adults alike. We sometimes do this alone, sometimes with a whole bunch of partners. You are sure to find something to suit you in this broad offering.

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Room hire

We have various spaces for meetings and activities at Nekkersdal. You can read all about them here.


Information about the neighbourhood

Are you looking for a particular service, do you need help enrolling your child in a school, or are you wondering where they sell the best sandwiches? Pop in and see us with any query and we will try to help you as best we can.


School programming

We offer a diverse cultural and educational programme for schools in the area via Schoolpodium Noordwest. This is a partnership with community centres De Kroon, De Platoo, De Zeyp, Essegem, Nohva and De Vaartkapoen.


As a community centre, Nekkersdal aims to contribute to the quality of life of residents of Laeken. To achieve this, Nekkersdal focuses its work on the following themes:​​​

  • Communication, information and service
  • Cultural participation, entertainment and cultural dissemination
  • education and continuous training
  • Community-building
  1. Nekkersdal aims to be an open house where meeting up, cultural participation, and well-being are central to Laeken families. To achieve this, we keep up with what is happening in the neighbourhood and seek to inform and raise awareness amongst Laeken residents.
  2. Nekkersdal wants to break down barriers and supports local authority and supra-local initiatives and projects.
  3. All this is done from a tolerant and progressive view of multicultural society.


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